What is does it mean to exclude a transaction:

Do you have a transfer of money you want to remove from your expense for the period or maybe you borrowed money to a friend that should not be included as part of your expenses. These are just two examples of where you would exclude a transaction from your spend.

Once I exclude a transaction what will happen?

  • That transaction will stop being tracked as part of your spend
  • Do not worry you will still be able to see this transaction in 'Expenses' under the 'Excluded' category
  • You can 'Include' the transaction at any time by sliding the bar to the left and selecting include

*picture of excluded

When should you use exclude a transaction?

  • When you are transferring money between accounts (credit card payment received/withdrawal to credit card)
  • When you have an expense you do not want to track (for example a transaction for a bond on a place)
  • A big off one expense (like buying a car)

How to exclude a transaction?

  1. View your transactions and select which one you need to exclude


  1. Slide the bar across to the left and select 'Exclude'


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