Once you separate your transactions into Frollo’s simple categories, you’ll not only be able to track your earning, you’ll gain unique insight into how and where you spend your money.

(Prepare yourself for a few surprises!)

To help you keep track, you’ll notice that the graphs in your Expense area will change every time you recategorise

Here are some screenshots to help you out with categorising a transaction.

Step 1: Go to the 'Recent Transactions' see all, from the home-screen

Step 2: Review your transactions 

We automatically assign each transaction to a category, however we don't always get it right!  You can easily update the category by selecting the transaction and updating the category type.

Step 3: Search for the correct Category by scrolling the page and selecting the icon, or type in the first few characters and we'll find it for you

Step 4: Then select if you would like us to remember this Category for 'Only this one' or 'Recategorise All' and we'll do the rest!

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