We’ve taken a look at your current personal debt (including credit cards and personal loans), then compared this figure with your income over the past three months.

Your personal score is an easy ratio of these two figures. To ensure greater accuracy, we’ve distributed your score amongst those from the Frollo user community. 

What makes up your income:

  • We use the the transactions that have be categorised as "Salary/Regular Income" for the past 3 full months

What makes up your personal debt:

  • We use the total debt on any personal loan products or/and your credit card totals.

Your managing debt score is an easy ratio between these two figures. 

What could cause inaccuracy in your score?

  • If your personal loan account or credit card is not categorised correctly. You can change this by going into your account settings.
  • Additionally, if an account which is not a credit card or personal loan is incorrectly categorised, fix this by changing the account type in the account settings area.

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