We’ve analysed specific lifestyle expenses, and compared this with your average income over three months.

This score is a little harder to explain than the rest. This is because financial wellbeing is about your happiness with your finance. It is not about restricting spend to an extent where you cannot enjoy life.

The key here is bout balance. Ideally, we want you to spend a little on yourself (within a 20% range of your income) but not enough that all your money is spent on lifestyle expenses.

What makes up your income:

  • We use the the transactions that have be categorised as "Salary/Regular Income" for the past 3 full months

What makes up your little extras:

  • We use the transactions that have been categorised as:

                - Restaurants
                - Entertainment/Recreation
                - Cafes & Coffee
                - Pubs/Clubs
                - Personal / Family

What could cause inaccuracy in your score?

  • The key for this score to work is that your transactions are correctly categorised. The great news is, if you do it once the Frollo engine will learn and apply it to other transactions similar to it.
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