The accuracy of your score is based on the accuracy of the information you have in Frollo.  We use the following categories to apply the monthly score:

How to improve the accuracy of your score:

Smart Spending

  • Review your expenses, can you identify any financial leaks? Go into your expenses tab and dig into your spending.
  • Review your budget, spending less than you earn is easier when you stick to a budget we've created buckets and suggested percentages to keep you on track
  • Set up a challenge for your biggest spending habit, whether your weakness is for coffee or clothes we'll help you rein it in!

Managing Debt

  • Understanding your debt, different types of debt need different solutions.  Its time to face your fears and learn all you can about yours.
  • Reduce your expenses to help pay off debts
  • Set up a challenge for your biggest spend ..... seeing a pattern?
  • Think of debt as a temporary obstacle, rather than a burden, shifting your approach can make the debt feel less scary

Smart Saving

  • Pay yourself first, don't be tempted to spend the money you've chosen to save.  Put it straight into your savings account before you pay anything else.
  • Create an emergency fund, open a dedicated 'emergency fund' bank account and make adding to it part of your spending plan
  • Take your savings seriously, setup automatic transfers and add any extra money you can find into savings rather than spending

Building Wealth

  • Set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound
  • Keep revisiting your goals, include your short and long term future in your goal-setting and don't forget about them!

Discretionary Spending

  • Challenge yourself not to overspend on indulgence, those daily coffees can really add up so set yourself a spending limit for them.
  • Set  specific budget for treats, know how much is left over to spend on those little extras.

Other tips for improving your score:

  • Ensure you have linked all your relevant accounts in our app
  • Categorise your transactions to your unique situation (remember, you will only need to categorise it once before our engine will remember it and apply it to previous transactions)
  • Categorise your accounts, it is important to make sure we understand your savings for the Frollo score.  Make sure you categorise your account as 'Savings' so we can help you track this against your goal

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